Ignition-gazebo plugin subscriber

I need your help, I’m using the Ignition-Garden version of Gazebo. What I want to do: Subscribe to a topic published on ROS2 with a plugin written in ignition gazebo. I set my process steps as follows:

  1. Publishing the topic with a publisher code written in ROS2
  2. To make the topic appear on ignition gazebo topics by using the Ros bridge structure.
  3. Subscribing to this topic in the plugin code.

The first two steps work properly. I can see a topic published on ros with the ign topic -l command. I see that the PostUpdate function that I wrote in the code I wrote as a plugin works continuously, but the code does not enter the callback function.
The structure of my plugin code is as follows:

  • Configure function works once and I define to subscribe to callback function as well.
    node.Subscribe(topic, cb) => topic name is topic variable and callback function is cb function.

*I expect the PostUpdate function to work continuously. I expect the callback function cb to be called as the data comes over the ROS topic.

If I want to summarize my question, how can I subscribe to topics in a plugin.
ROS version I’m using: ROS2 Humble
Ubuntu 22.04


These kinds of questions are best suited for answers.gazebosim.org or https://robotics.stackexchange.com/. Do you mind posting at either of those?