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Ignition Dome tutorial party 🥳

Hi community,

Ignition’s 4th collection, Dome, is planned for release on September 30th. Before each major release, the team goes over all the tutorials using pre-releases to check that everything is working as it should and make final tweaks. This time, we’d like to invite the community to join the party! :partying_face: This should be a great opportunity for Gazebo-classic users to get their feet wet with its next generation.

We’ll be partying from September 24th until September 29th.

Install pre-releases

All Dome libraries have been pre-released. The following installation methods are available:


We’ll be using this spreadsheet to coordinate:


  1. Pick an installation method:

    • Bionic binaries
    • Bionic source
    • Focal binaries
    • Focal source
    • Mojave binaries
    • Mojave source
    • Catalina binaries
    • Catalina source
  2. Pick a tutorial from the list and write your name as the reviewer - give preference to tutorials which haven’t been tested on any platform yet

  3. Follow the instructions and check everything works as expected - be as thorough as possible

  4. If something is wrong:

    1. If you know how to change the tutorial or code to make it work, open a pull request and add a link to it on the spreadsheet

    2. If you don’t know what’s wrong, raise the issue here ASAP

  5. If nothing is wrong, put an “Ok!” on the status and go back to #2 (or #1)

Happy igniting!

:fire: The Ignition Dev Team :fire: