Ignition Edifice Tutorial Party! (support open source and get t-shirts!)


Hi community,

Ignition’s 5th collection, Edifice, is planned for release on March 31st. Before each release, the team goes over all the tutorials using pre-releases to check that everything is working as it should and make final tweaks. It is incredibly important that these tutorials function smoothly as they are where our new users first meet Ignition and we want them to have a good experience. For this release, we’d like to invite the community to join the party! :partying_face:) This should be a great opportunity for Gazebo-classic users to get their feet wet with its next generation. This is also a great opportunity for prospective interns and Google Summer of Code students to get familiar Ignition and meet the mentors.

We’ll be partying from March 24th until March 29th 2021. This year, to sweeten the pot we’ll be sending out Edifice t-shirts to the top five tutorial party animals (those who finish reviewing the most tutorials). We’ll also be including all tutorial reviewers in the release notes.

How to party! :partying_face:

The party process is fairly simple, and if all goes according to plan you should be able to validate a few tutorials in an hour or two and check out some upgrades to Ignition. The steps are as follows:

  1. Pick a tutorial flavor, the Edifice release supports two installation methods (source and binaries) and four host operating systems (Ubuntu Bionic and Focal, and OSX Catalina and Windows 10).

  2. Install the nightlies on your computer (directions below).

  3. Sign up for the tutorial on the tracking spreadsheet by putting your name in the appropriate box.

  4. Run through the tutorial from start to finish! Be really thorough; if you think you could improve the tutorial feel free to add to it. At this point one of three things will happen:

  5. The tutorial works perfectly! ⇒ Put in “OK!” in the spreadsheet.

  6. The tutorial has issues…
    1. … but you can fix them and send us a PR. ⇒ Open the PR and drop a link in the spreadsheet.
    2. … You can’t fix them (that’s ok!) ⇒ Report the issue on the spread sheet!

  7. Record the results of your review in the spreadsheet.

  8. Try another tutorial!

  9. Drop a note at the bottom of the post.

How to Install Nightlies

All Edifice libraries have nightly releases. The following installation methods are available:

:fire: The Ignition Dev Team :fire:


If you missed the community meeting, check out the recording, we went over the process of collaborating to the tutorial party! :point_down:


I installed nightlies on both Bionic and Focal - ignition crashed in both cases after a few seconds. Both were run on using Parallels on a Mac OS Big Sur laptop - am I correct in assuming that this in a non-starter because of graphics card problems or whatnot? Do I need a non-virtual Ubuntu environment? Is this useful to investigate, or are my current environments non-starters?

The scene of ackermann_steering.sdf

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Scene of actor_crowd.sdf

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This isn’t a use case that we’ve tested before, so it’s possible that it isn’t well supported. If you’re interested in getting it to work, I’d suggest you try to get a backtrace or logs and ticket an issue for it.

I use Parallels just because it plays so well with Bootcamp (Windows on Mac), but it’s a paid product, so probably not worth the trouble to support. Is there a virtual environment that’s better tested, or should I just not use a virtual environment?

Lots of people in the development team, including me, use Docker. There are some nice tips on using Docker with Ignition on 🔥 Ignition Community Meeting: Docker (December 2020) - YouTube

Great, I’ll check it out!