I compile classic gazebo for windows

I compile gazebo for windows in a classic repo. Here is my PR:

But there is a low respond from maintainers at gazebo-classic repo.
I made an issue about it:

I get a full ignore. I hope some one here will notice my PR, also take care of the low respond issue.
I get a full ignore, but I know I am right, so I am keeping up until I resolve that issue.

To be honest, gazebo classic is very much in maintenance mode. I’m sure the developers and the community would highly recommend you just move to using gazebo sim.

Also in general for submitting pull requests to codebases you should make an issue about that specific problem and then make the pull request. This will allow the upstream devs to be in the loop and provide a platform to discuss what the issue really is and why a PR would be needed.

As I say this PRs is also for new gazebo. This method can be used for new gazebo. So think about this as a proof of concept for new gazebo.

There already open issue about it: