Can't clone from github

Hi, my name is Julio Jerez.
and I recently saw that Gazebo is now on GitHub. However, when I try to clone the repository, I cannot, the clone bottom is grey out or does no do anything.

A brief story of my intension.
I have been following the Gazebo dev for approximately 14 years, but never been able to fork it even successfully.
Once a year I come to the site is the promise of windows support is kept, but not such luck.
The must I been able to do is download the archive new version archive and to read the site.

I know windows support is not a high priority that fine, but I now read that there the code is moving to GitHub so in principle I should be able to clone it and an create a fork and do what I want in Ubuntu Linux, but this does not seem possible.
I am asking is cloning and forking the repository restrictive or I am doing some wrong?

Thank you.
Julio Jerez

Hi Julio,

You should be able to clone it using the git command line tool on Windows. There are instructions on the Windows install from source tutorial. Have you tried that?

Can you post a screenshot of this button? I’m not sure what you’re trying to do.


Oh, sorry about that.
some how I was doing it incorrectly, I was not passing the correct url. to create the new repo and folk it, anyway I have now.

you can close this.
thank you very much.


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