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Hygrometer and temperature sensor models

Are there any hygrometer and temperature sensor models constructed in gazebo? If not can you help what the sensor inside could be (similarly to the element in the Velodyne LiDAR tutorial)

There aren’t any installed with Gazebo classic, but maybe you can find some from the community.

Ignition Gazebo has a thermal camera.

It depends on how much fidelity you need. You could implement a variation of the Logical Camera which returns a humidity / temperature value associated with the models it sees.

Thank you for your reply. can you please give me further information. The tutorial on logical cameras is not enough to understand how to do that.

The logical camera sensor just detects when there’s something within its volume, and reports the position of that object.

In your case, you could use a similar volume, but instead of reporting the position of an object within it, the plugin could return some value based on some other function. The function may take into account the position of the sensor in the world, or its distance to other objects in the world.

We did something like this when implementing a “leak detector” on SRCSim. That detector used a logical camera to find objects near the sensor, and reported a value based on how far that object was from the antenna. You can see the code for that here.

Again, this would only be a rough simplification of a real sensor, and it would be very dependent on the variables that you use to calculate the values reported by the sensor.