Model of fire in Gazebo

Hi everyone! Is there a way to create fire in a world in Gazebo? Thanks!!

I’m using PX4 autopilot and Python :slight_smile:

I’d start with this tutorial: Ignition Gazebo: Particle Emitter . Although it is aimed at fog without effects on thermal, so it will need more effort to convert it to fire.

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Hello ,Is there any Idea you have to create Fire with Particle Emitter ,Can you suggest me some ways, Where can i begin? etc

If you need to see the fire particles in thermal camera, then you’ll need to dig into gz-rendering and program a glsl shader doing that. If you don’t need the particles in the cam but you’re satisfied with only the “core” of the fire being displayed, you can create any 3D object with the thermal system plugin, e.g. similar to .

did you find any solution create fire in simulation world

What about changing the source code of particle emitter plugin?, is it possible to inherit thermal classes to the source code of particle emitter? I think all other properties of particle emitter are matching with Fire rather than The Temperatures property

this is for sdf only: gz-sim/examples/worlds/particle_emitter.sdf at gz-sim8 · gazebosim/gz-sim · GitHub

I’m not sure about the source code cpp. I use python and sdf only. Hope my answer helps some