How to stream drone camera image to RTSP? (gz-sim Garden, ROS2 Humble)

I am pretty sure that I am not the first one who asking that, but community and moderators simply ignoring similar questions from StackExchange (ros - Video from dron camera to RTSP - Robotics Stack Exchange) so I came to ask for help here.

I simply can’t understand why new Gazebo sim developed in the way that it doesn’t have backward compatibility for Gazebo Classic plugins. Why nobody porting such an important plugin as GstCameraPlugin to new gazebo?

I even tried to make crutches with streaming from ROS2 image subscriber node to RTSP via gstreamer, but gstreamer simply crashing ROS2 nodes (Node crashes when importing Gstreamer python bindings · Issue #1149 · ros2/rclpy · GitHub)

I am desperate and need your help.

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