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GSoC 2020: New Ignition gazebo demos

Hello everyone, my name is Mohamed. I participated in Google Summer of Code 2020 with OSRF.

We developed a group of introductory tutorials for Ignition. The tutorials aim to help beginner users get comfortable starting to use Ignition. We also made videos to accompany these tutorials.

The tutorials are the following:

Build your own robot

Build a two wheeled robot using SDF 1.7


Moving the robot

This tutorial explains how to move the robot we built in the previous tutorial using the keyboard arrows. We used the Diff Drive plugin, the Triggered Publisher plugin and KeyPublisher plugin.


SDF Worlds

This tutorial explains how to build our world using SDF, and how to add models to it.


Sensor demo

This tutorial explains how to add sensors to our robot and to other models in our world. We introduced three different sensors: an IMU sensor, a Contact sensor and a Lidar sensor.


ROS 2 Integration

This tutorial explains how to Integrate ROS 2 with Ignition using ros_bridge


Actor demo

This tutorial explains how to add actors to our world and how to create a scripted animation


We hope these tutorials will help new users in the community get comfortable with Ignition and encourage more people to learn about robotics simulation!


Nice job @Mohamed_Ahmed :clap: