Gazebo [Err] [] Directory doesn't exist[/home/<username>/.ignition/fuel/]

Hello, I am totally new to Gazebo and for my project I try to make a ship move on water. I tried to load this sdf file: gz-sim/examples/worlds/auv_controls.sdf at gz-sim7 · gazebosim/gz-sim · GitHub.
I created a folder with this sdf file and a simple config file pointing to the sdf. When I launch gazebo, add the path of the model and try to add it to the environment I get this error:
[Err] [] Unable to load file[/home/matteo/model_editor_models/buoyant/model.sdf]
[Err] [] Directory doesn’t exist[/home/matteo/.ignition/fuel/].

I am using ubuntu:
|Distributor ID:|Ubuntu|
|Description:|Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS|

Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 11.10.2

Thank you for your help.


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We use this forum for more general discussions about Gazebo. For specific issues like yours, the best place to ask is with the gazebo tag.