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Cannot open local sdf file in ignition gazebo

I am trying out the ignition gazebo citadel, and I am a bit confused on how this works compared to the classical gazebo.

I have a local model.sdf that I want to open in ignition gazebo. However, the application exists without any obvious errors. The output on the console is as the following.

ign gazebo ./model.sdf -v 5
[Msg] Ignition Gazebo Server v2.15.0
[Msg] Ignition Gazebo GUI    v2.15.0
[Msg] Loading SDF world file[/home/jaeyoung/src/Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models/uneven_ground/./model.sdf].
[Dbg] [] Initializing application.
[GUI] [Dbg] [] Create main window
[Dbg] [] Shutting down ign-gazebo-server
[GUI] [Dbg] [] Received signal[2].
[GUI] [Dbg] [] Received signal[2].
[GUI] [Dbg] [] Terminating application.

Version of ignition gazebo is:

$ ign gazebo --version
Ignition Gazebo, version 2.15.0
Copyright (C) 2018 Open Source Robotics Foundation.
Released under the Apache 2.0 License.

Hi @Jaeyoung-Lim,

On Ignition, unlike Gazebo-classic, you need to include all world plugins that will be loaded, like Physics and UserCommands. Have you checked that your world has a few plugins? A good list to start with would be this. We’re currently working on a new feature so users don’t need to specify all plugins all the time.

If that’s not the problem, would you mind sharing a minimal version of your file that reproduces the problem?

Also, this kind of question is better suited for, would you mind if we continued the conversation there?


@chapulina Thanks, I have posted the question here:

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