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Gazebo Documentation Index - Google Summer of Code 2019

Hello everyone!

I feel absolutely elated to share that I have been selected for the Google Summer of Code 2019 program with Open Robotics. I will be working on developing a documentation index for Gazebo with my mentor, Jose Luis Rivero.

At present, the learning resources for Gazebo are distributed over the internet in the form of Gazebo’s official documentation, the Q&A website and ROS-Answers. Some noteworthy help can be found through examples and explanations in the comments of Bitbucket issues and Gazebo’s API. There are also third-party sources that provide video tutorials and blog posts that are helpful in learning Gazebo. It can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of one’s learning when the content is distributed as in this case.

This project aims to bring all the learning resources for Gazebo under one platform, so that any help is just a page quick-search away. This can achieved by developing a documentation index. The user can think of related keywords or categories and then look through the index to find the relevant information. Some other popular documentation indexes can be found here and here.

We aim to implement the project using the Jekyll framework, storing the index items using yml-based files for easy open-source maintenance and collaboration. A minimal web stub of the project can be found here.

I would like to thank my mentor Jose, Open Robotics and Google for the opportunity. It’s going to be a great summer working on this project, and taking it to completion.

We welcome and appreciate any feedback or comments with regard to the project.

Happy coding!