[Fulltime] Gazebo/ROS developer

Interested in designing robots for lunar or extra-terrestrial environments? Passionate about Space? Love to compete with other robotic enthusiasts? Are a US Citizen?

Barrios Technologies is looking for software developers to design and develop robot models for completing autonomous collection of ISRU materials in a lunar or extra-terrestrial environment. Working with NASA team members, you will refine those models and develop controllers for use within Gazebo. Duties would also include developing ROS-based user interfaces for competitors to use for autonomous vehicle operations, Design and develop ROS infrastructure to transmit data from simulated sensors, to include camera, IMU, and joint encoders, in addition to other sensors as designated during the competition. Design and develop ROS infrastructure to transmit commands to simulated motors, to include wheels, drills, and other mechanical actuation mechanisms.

If you are interested, check out our website to apply! We look forward to hearing from you!