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Drone : pymavlink send order to Gazebo simulation

Hello everybody,

I have a drone (flight controller : Pixhawk 4) and i would like to use it by sending python orders with pymavlink protocol.

But firstly i would like to use my python order with Gazebo simulator.

So currently i have Gazebo and Qgroundcontrol, i controlled a drone (arm, disarm, takeoff) by using QGroundcontrol order and i can see the simulation in Gazebo.

But now i would like to send python order to gazebo to interact with the drone.

So after research i saw a library name “pygazebo” to connect the python script to Gazebo but i don’t know how to send pymavkink order from python to Gazebo by using pygazebo…

Someone can help me pls ?

Thank you

Have a nice day !