Do you know if Gazebo supports gif, webm, webp or something?

Weird question, but do you know if they are currently supported at this moment? Like for the one

It looks like your sentence got cut off there. How to you want to use these formats?

Well…awkward lol Oops!

I was wondering if <material><pbr> supports gif, webm. I wanted to put a gif like this, for instance:

on the wall. At this moment, it would be just one frame without a gif which is basically same thing as png or jpg. So I was wondering if there is another way to use gif,webm, or animated/video.

I’m currently making a mini-game of Gazebo as my main using several open sources in my free time! So I’m exploring new adventure of Gazebo! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the past, I’ve simulated GIFs with Ogre 1 material scripts on Gazebo classic, like this:

Also for Gazebo classic, the gazebo_ros_video plugin displays a stream of images coming from ROS onto a texture:

Besides that, I haven’t run into any other ways of feeding animated textures to Gazebo Sim, but it shouldn’t be impossible.

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Does it needs to be ogre1 or can I just use it on ogre2?

Thanks for the information, btw! I will try this out this evening!

I just realized that the new Gazebo doesn’t support scripts/material anymore. See here

I should have mention that the question is for new Gazebo though.

So it seems that it is not supported at the moment. I will look for another way. Thank you for your time though! :smiley: