ROS camera plugin and fog

Hi there,

I’m trying to apply fog to the scene (Gazebo 11), I can see the fog in Gazebo, but I don’t see it in the image for the ROS camera plugin (ROS2 Galactic).

Is the fog rendering supported for the camera plugin?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I tried to grep on fog in the Gazebo repo gazebo directory, and most of the results are in rendering/Scene.* and rendering/Heightmap.* files. The Scene instantiates Ogre::FogMode.

I don’t know whether that OGRE fog effect translates directly to the cameras, or if something extra has to be done. I noticed that the rendering directory containing the files above also contains Camera.* files, and the grep didn’t return keywords in that file.

There was also grep results in msgs, which has a protobuf message for fog.

If I had to guess, either something extra has to be done for the camera to see the fog, and it isn’t done, in which case you wouldn’t see it in the Gazebo cameras either (not just ROS), or maybe it’s something to do with the connection between Gazebo and ROS.

Short of someone who actually knows the answer coming to answer it, one way to do this sanity check, which doesn’t answer your question but might isolate the cause, is to check Gazebo’s camera visualization GUI, and see if anything shows up there.

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