Dae model rendered in Gazebo has no materials, but works in mesh_viewer

I built Gazebo Fortress with Ogre 2.2 under Debian Bookworm.
I started gazebo via ros2, and load my model inside urdf, changed from GitHub - gazebosim/ros_gz_project_template: A template project integrating ROS and Gazebo simulator

the model rendered in 3D viewport has no materials:

But it works in rviz2 ( ogre I think ?)

and mesh_viewer (partially ?) under ignition-rendering6/examples

( I cannot post multiple media files as a new user )

The model files I used are from here: unitree_ros/robots/go2_description/dae at master · unitreerobotics/unitree_ros · GitHub

rviz2 ( ogre I think ?)

mesh_viewer under ignition-rendering6/examples

Hello. You could try converting your models from COLLADA (dae) to Wavefront (obj). I always had better luck with Wavefront when it comes to rendering inside Gazebo. Conversion in Blender is quite straightforward, but there are also other tools.

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Thanks. I’ll try.

But the last image is rendered by mesh_viewer example shipped with ignition-rendering6, so it should be ok with gazebo. It is weird.

Open the colladas as text files and check paths to the textures. Ideally, the textures would be in the same folder and the path to them would be just a relative path.