Dae blender files into gazeb o no texture

I load a blender dae. file into gazebo using the model editor mode, i have the model textured and have road markings and everything but cant see it here. Is there a way to see the textures in gazebo?

You import DAE into gazebo would be always plain. Keep that in mind. See here, the game i am still working on.

See here snippet of enemy with weird shape using texture.

<model name="enemy">
    <link name='enemy'>
        <visual name='visual'>
              <scale>.05 0.05 0.05</scale>
        <collision name='visual'>
              <scale>.05 0.05 0.05</scale>

See the link for more details:

Follow this example. Pretty sure the size of image matters a lot too if i remember right.

after writing this coding how can I make it so that Gazebo reads it?

Sorry, I don’t understand you. Are you asking me how can Gazebo read and see the image with a updated code?

I used .sdf file. You need to make sure that the image is in the same folder as sdf is in.

If you want me to help you better, you might need to provide your tree of directory, your goal, type of gazebo you use

I just realized, you are using classic gazebo. Sorry, I thought this was a blender program on your photo.

I don’t know anything on classic gazebo. I joined when ignition gazebo started

i see well thank you for the help anyway, I appreciate it. I am just clueless, I did watch many YT videos, they also use this coding, just don’t know what software they use and how they import that code into gazebo so that it is all textured.

I am getting the same issue too when I export dae file into gazebo I am losing the planes and textures.