Community meeting: Ignition on conda-forge (October 2021)

Hi, community! :ignition:

Our next community meeting is coming up in the last Wednesday of October!

The Ignition project recommends conda-forge as the installation method for binaries on Windows. So we’re very excited to welcome three guests who are going to tell us all about their packaging efforts to get Ignition into conda-forge for various platforms:

Here are some resources about their efforts that you can check out before the meeting:


Meeting details

:clock3: Date: 2021-10-27T19:00:00Z

:desktop_computer: Place: Virtual at Google Meet

:calendar: Event: Ignition community calendar

:mag_right: Topic: Ignition on conda-forge

:spiral_notepad: Agenda: Everyone is welcome to add items to the agenda.

As always, the meeting will be recorded and posted to the community meetings playlist on the GazeboSim YouTube channel. Check out the playlist for past meetings!

Are you doing anything interesting with Gazebo? Show it off to the community! Send me a private message so we can figure out the best date.

Do you want to see some specific topic covered? Please comment below!

See you on October 27th!

:fire: The Ignition Dev Team :fire:


Hi everyone!

If you want to try on the fly some examples of installation of Gazebo and Ignition Gazebo via conda/mamba that we will show as part of the presentation, I suggest that you install before the presentation the conda distribution “mambaforge” from GitHub - conda-forge/miniforge: A conda-forge distribution. . In robotology-superbuild/ at b1fa7c785c7269db968dbc1141ad420faaa1bcf2 · robotology/robotology-superbuild · GitHub you may find a more verbose installation documentation.

See you on the 27th!


Thank you everyone who joined the meeting! Here’s the recording for those who missed it:

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