Community Meeting: "From Lidar SLAM to Full-scale Autonomy and Beyond"

Hello everybody! The March Gazebo Community Meeting is coming up and our next guest will introduce their use of Gazebo for testing their autonomy stack. Here’s the abstract of the presentation:

In this talk, I will introduce our full autonomy stack which enables robots to autonomously navigate to goal points and to explore and map unknown environments. Our work started several years ago from the fundamental SLAM building block - Lidar Odometry And Mapping (LOAM). Building upon the SLAM module, the full autonomy stack now provides multiple low-level features, e.g. collision avoidance, terrain traversability analysis, and waypoint following. The autonomy stack further contains two high-level planners for waypoint navigation and exploration, respectively. The autonomy stack can be set to run both in simulation and on real robot platforms. In the talk, I will give examples of using the system to support research work such as advanced CV and AI. The series of work has won both the Best Paper Award and Best System Paper Award of RSS 2021, the only time in the history of RSS that one paper collected both major awards, and the Best Student Paper Award of IROS 2022. The extended journal version has recently been published at Science Robotics. Aimed at lowering the bar for everybody to acquire autonomy and make further use of it, our system is open-sourced at


  1. Latest Gazebo news - Addisu Tadesse (Intrinsic)
  2. “From Lidar SLAM to Full-scale Autonomy and Beyond”. Ji Zhang (CMU)

We opened a slot for short (3 minutes) lighting presentations. If you’re interested in talking about your Gazebo project contact me (caguero AT openrobotics DOT org) and I’ll book your slot.

Meeting details

:clock3: Date: 2024-03-27T16:00:00Z
:desktop_computer: Place: Virtual at Google Meet
:calendar: Event: Calendar event
:mag_right: Topic: “Navigation”
:spiral_notepad: Agenda: Everyone is welcome to add items to the agenda .

The meeting will be recorded and posted to Vimeo (Open Robotics). Check out the past meetings!

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See you there!

The Gazebo Dev Team

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Video is now available