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A tool for cleaning 3D meshes and obtaining inertial parameters


Hi everyone,

As part of my master thesis I was doing grasping on a bunch of objects. Since I only had object meshes, I had to clean them up and compute the inertial parameters. In other words, I had to do the tedious process explained in the inertia tutorial (1) for each of the objects. In order to make things more efficient I decided to automate this process, and thus Mesh Cleaner was created. It allows you to do some basic cleaning of the mesh, as well as to compute the volume of the mesh, it’s center of mass and the inertia matrix depending on the mass.

There are two other tools that might be of interest, so please check them out here.

I hope you find this work useful. Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback - it is highly appreciated! I am hoping to update the tutorial linked above with the link to the page, so I created a PR (2) which is currently under review.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Since I can only add two links, the remaining two are here: