Simulating terrain in Gazebo

As a beginner in Gazebo, how would I go about create a simple grass like environment that has some small hills and what not.


Have a look at what’s available on

E.g. this is impressive:

Or this:

Could also be relevant:


Thank you for you response. Those models look really good- but how would I actually add these to my world? Currently I have my robot just driving around in the grey plane. I am using ROS noetic

Drag and drop from the web gallery to the simulator ui should work.

If you want to build a world, you will have to look at multiple example SDF files and learn from those, as well as google for more background info on specific topics (e.g. height maps or applying textures).

Also have a look at this post and the links in it.

Maybe it’s a good starting point to take one of the above mentioned models (e.g. the Fortress heightmap) and adapt that SDF to add your robot, so you can drive it in there instead of on the standard grey ground plane.

And after you get that working, try to change the heightmap to create your own ‘grass like environment with hills’. And then maybe copy paste some of the trees of the Rubicon model, etc.

So I found a world that I liked

I don’t know what to do with the file though. I used this guide
Note that in the guide they use ros melodic but I replaced all the commands that said melodic with noetic and it worked

In here, they use the file in the limo_gazebo_sim folder which I am using to run
I tried to replace that file with the contents of the moon base sdf file but then realized that comes with gazebo and it has a launch file and stuff that you can’t, so that didn’t work

So I am still stuck