Roadmap to Omniverse Application


I happened to have a quick question when I found the roadmap below.

it just says Omniverse application for Garden roadmap.

is there any issue or description about details/motivation for this development? if not, could anyone kindly elaborate that a little bit?


Hi @fujitatomoya ,

We’re working with NVIDIA to provide Ignition Gazebo as an application inside Omniverse. Once Gazebo is connected to Omniverse, it will be possible to use it together with other applications in that ecosystem, like Isaac Sim, Blender, etc. Here’s an article with more information:


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appreciate for the quick reply :+1:

So is this Omniverse application supposed to mean that kind of ignition bridge application is built on top of Omniverse Kit to connect Ignition Gazebo? i am interested in architecture how it would be integrated with Omniverse.

Yes, I believe so. @ahcorde may be able to provide more specific implementation details.

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