Ign-Omni is available

Iā€™m happy to announce that the gz-omni repository is ready to be tested by the community! We have release two different tools:

  • Provide offline converters between USD<->SDF
  • Interaction between Gazebo and Isaac Sim

For those who are not familiar with Omniverse [1] or USD [2] I provided some links here.

For the first item we developed a bidirectional SDF<->USD file converter. It takes as input an SDF file that works in Gazebo and produces as output a USD file that works in Isaac Sim with approximately equivalent results; and vice versa. This work is available through a component from sdformat12 [3]. If you want to check how to install it please check this instructions [4].

In the following images you can check some samples (left side Isaac Sim and right side Gazebo):

For the second item, we developed a bidirectional connector between Gazebo and Issac Sim. In the following image we can see the workflow between the two simulators.

It allows to:

  • Transmit live modifications of a virtual environment between a running Ignition simulation and a running Isaac Sim simulation
  • Incremental updates
  • Support common operations, like model addition, deletion, and pose change
  • Separate the simulation workload between Ignition and Isaac Sim, with both systems running in parallel. For example, physics can be handled by Ignition, with rendering handled by Isaac Sim, or vice versa.

This code is available in the gz-omni repository [5].

There are some tutorials availables:

You can also check the presentation that we did at the NVIDIA GTC 2022 [6] where you can find more details about the implementation and some demos!

:gazebo: Gazebo Dev Team :gazebo:

[1] Omniverse Platform for 3D Design Collaboration and Simulation | NVIDIA
[2] Introduction to USD ā€” Universal Scene Description 22.05 documentation
[3] GitHub - gazebosim/sdformat: Simulation Description Format (SDFormat) parser and description files.
[4] Install ā€” Documentation
[5] GitHub - gazebosim/gz-omni
[6] NVIDIA On-Demand


Amazing job!!! Thank you guys for this!

@ahcorde terrific news :+1: definitely i will look into it!

Congratulations with the release of those tools for bidirectional communication between Gazebo and Nvidia Omniverse!

Great work! Thanks for sharing.