New releases for Ignition Fortress 2021-12-13

The Ignition team makes minor and patch releases of each library on demand. We’re planning to start announcing these here on Community.


Thanks to @srmainwaring , Ignition Rendering now has Metal support for macOS

Thanks to zflat, Ignition GUI now exports a QML module that can be imported with:

import ignition.gui 1.0

It’s now possible to visualize entity frames from Gazebo’s context menu:


The grid configuration GUI plugin got a few more features:



These are the minor releases that came out last week.

Ignition Rendering 6.1.0 (Fortress)


Full changelog

  1. Check for OpenGL backend before calling GL APIs
  2. Fix loading grayscale emissive map
  3. Fixes to selection buffer
  4. Add Metal support for the Ogre2 Render Engine
  5. Add a depth camera example
  6. More nullptr checking on visuals and base axis
  7. Fix Utils unit test
  8. Fix context attributes of glXCreateContextAttribsARB.
  9. [Ogre2] fix invalid anti-aliasing level warning
  10. Avoid symbol redefinition to fix armel builds
  11. fix grayscale albedo map
  12. Fix selection buffer material script
  13. [macOS] modify definition of bufferFetch1 to work when GL_ARB_texture_buffer_range is not available
  14. Fix compilation against Ogre 1.10.12
  15. Fix logic on warning for ogre versions different than 1.9.x
  16. Fix point cloud material syntax error
  17. Run ogre2 particles by default
  18. Ogre: Do not assume that ogre plugins have lib prefix on macOS
  19. Fix heightmap crash if only shadow casting spotlights are one scene
  20. Added macOS instructions
  21. Ogre: Add missing required Paging component
  22. Fix ray query distance calculation


Alejandro Hernández Cordero
Hill Ma
Ian Chen
Jose Luis Rivero
Louise Poubel
Matias N. Goldberg
Rhys Mainwaring
Silvio Traversaro

Ignition GUI 6.2.0 (Fortress)


Full changelog

  1. Grid config: set values from startup and improve layout
  2. Fix codecheck
  3. Offer a way to disable warnings on marker manager
  4. Add PreRender event to MinimalScene
  5. Use qmldir to define QML module with IgnSpinBox
  6. Fix TopicEcho plugin message display
  7. Don’t set visual scale for point markers
  8. Set marker point size from message
  9. Don’t crash if a plugin has invalid QML
  10. Added log storing for ign-gui


Jenn Nguyen
Louise Poubel
Nikhil Nair
Rhys Mainwaring

Ignition Gazebo 6.3.0 (Fortress)


Full changelog

  1. View entity frames from the GUI
  2. Model editor
  3. Send state message when components are removed
  4. Docker fixes for Fortress
  5. Added sensor plugin to be able to visualize camera in plane_propeller_demo.sdf
  6. Update SdfGenerator to save link and sensor data to file
  7. Fix buoyancy not being applied for one iteration
  8. Increase maximum values in ViewAngle widget and increase its size
  9. Fix the force-torque sensor update rate


Addisu Z. Taddese
Alejandro Hernández Cordero
Ashton Larkin
Blake McHale
Hill Ma
Ian Chen
Jasmeet Singh
Jenn Nguyen
Louise Poubel
Martin Pecka
Michael Carroll
Mohamad Ayman
Nate Koenig
Pavel Krajcevski
Rhys Mainwaring
Steve Peters

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