Ignition Acropolis Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Ignition Acropolis, the first major version of the Ignition framework. You can read all about the release at https://blog.openrobotics.org/acropolis/.

Take a look the the installation instructions and documentation to get up and running with the latest iteration of simulation.

We are making copious improvements to Ignition over the next couple months. The roadmap captures what is in the works. Expect a new release, with the codename Blueprint, this May.

The Ignition Dev Team


@nate Was Gazebo 10 also released at some point in time?
The blog announcement for Ignition Acropolis seems to imply so, and apt install gazebo10 works, but gazebosim.org still shows Gazebo 9 as the latest version. There is also no announcement I could find about the release of Gazebo 10 in the blog or elsewhere.
Can you clarify? Thanks!

Gazebo10 was released in January 2019. We have yet to update the main gazebo website. Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll get this correct very soon.

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