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HacktoberFest Ignition Meetup

Hi Gazebo Community,

In the context of the Hacktoberfest, We (me and @ximenes) would like to propose a Meetup to mobilize and welcome new open source developers for this community.

For those that don’t know what is Hacktoberfest, it’s a campaign, promoted by Digital Ocean, to stimulate the increase of the Open Source community. During October, if you have 4 pull request (PR) merged or approved in an Open Source repository, you’ll be able the pick a nice T-shirt as a price. So, the idea of this Meetup is having a really nice atmosphere so we can make contributions to the Ignition project together. In this way, we have 2 good points:

  1. As an Open Source project, is always nicer to work with the community.
  2. Together, we can help each other if there are some doubts or problems, helping each other to make the best PR possible, increasing the change, and reducing the time to be accepted by the development team.

So, who is in? We’re still organizing the details but would be nice to have you being part of this effort! :clap: :trophy:

If you are interested in helping the organization or just have some questions, feel free to contact me directly or by e-mail:

So, let’s increase this community and collaborate with this really nice project :wink:



Please, could you mark the interns that worked with the Ignition Project in the GSoC, I can mark just 2

Thanks for the initiative, @pxalcantara! We already opted-in for Hacktoberfest on all Ignition and Gazebo classic repositories and we’re looking forward to all the contributions!

I’d just like to point out that we have issues labeled “good first issue” which should be especially nice for newcomers to work on. I’ll also leave the link to our contribution guidelines here so people know where to start from.

Sure, I think they could be interested in participating :smile: I know that @Sarathkrishnan already got some pull requests in this month :smile: This year we also had @AmrElsersy, @marticres, @mihirk284 and @Mohamed_Ahmed. Last year we had @mingfeisun, @shiveshkhaitan and @mukulkhanna.