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GSoD 2020: Ignition Physics tutorials and API documentation

Hello everyone
I am Siddharth Kapoor, senior undergrad at National Institute of Technology Karnataka. I feel I can actively contribute to the project Ignition Physics tutorials and API documentation under GSoD 2020 and this is how I propose to do the project -

  1. Document beginner friendly tutorials - these would be more beginner friendly, and would entirely be application based.
  2. These tutorials would be illustrative and interactive in nature.

All of the tutorials would follow a certain template and would try to be engaging.
Apart from them, I was looking at the documentation of ignition physics, I feel it needs to be updated and maintained.

I am looking forward to work on this project and contribute further. Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Hi Siddharth, great to know you are interested in the physics documentation project! I have a couple questions:

How would you propose to achieve that? What do you mean by “application based”?

How would you propose to achieve this?

Are you proposing to draft a template on your own or using an existing one? What would it look like?

And yes, this is certainly one of the goals of this project.

A good proposal would demonstrate some recent technical writing experience, ability to efficiently communicate ideas and a document design that is logic and easy to follow. I’d be interested in seeing how you tackle the questions above while fulfilling those qualitative criteria in you proposal.

I’d be happy to give feedback on the draft of proposal whenever one is available. Thanks!

Hey @claireyywang!
I too am interested to contribute to the org. I have already sent a doc in my GSoD topic on the contribution guide & was hoping to see what I could contribute to the Ignition Physics tutorials & API documentation.

Thanks for the questions you have posted here. They have helped me formulate a rough idea of my workflow.

I wanted to ask you about whether it would be possible for me to discuss my proposals for both the orgs & you could advise me on which one is better for me to follow?

You seemed to have a good level of interest and understanding about the on-boarding guide project based on your other post. Coming up with two proposals is a lot of work. I’d recommend you to pick one that best aligns with your interest and focus on the proposal for that. If you have difficulty identify which project suits you better after reading the project wiki, feel free to ask any questions!