Graphic artifacts, clipped or not visible drone

I have gazebo harmonic, I run gz sim -v4 -r iris_runway.sdf from ardupilot_gazebo plugin.

Why can’t I see the drone correctly?

in the logs I see [Wrn] [] Ogre2Camera::SetVisibilityMask: Mask bits c0000000 are set but will be ignored as they conflict with the reserved bits used internally by the ogre2 backend.

Could it be related?

Same in flight. something with runaway image…

fixed by commenting out tag <render_order>10</render_order> in runway material in the runway model file. but now I can see a grid:


@flyasky the render order elements in the runway model ground plane and asphalt are a leftover from when there were some z-fighting issues running on macOS. I don’t see the issue in Harmonic so we’ll update the model to remove them completely. Good find.

The grid is expected (you can disable in the world’s scene element if you want it removed: SDFormat Specification)

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Thank you so much for finding the problem and fixing this issue!
It’s now merged into main.

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