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Gazebo 9 vs Gazebo 7 Lighting Issues

The lighting looks dramatically different in Gazebo 9 vs Gazebo 7 without making any change on the .world file which specify the lighting.


Is this lighting behavior expected between Gazebo 9 and Gazebo 7? What are the steps to mitigate this issue so that customers will not be impacted by the difference?

There are a few known differences in lighting between Gazebo 7 and 9.

  • Parsing of <ambient> tags for COLLADA meshes has been improved on Gazebo 9, which can make some models darker. Try commenting those out or editing their values.
  • Enabling shadows on worlds that don’t contain directional lights could cause problems. It looks like your world doesn’t have directional lights, so you could try disabling shadows.
  • AWS RoboMaker may use CPU rendering instead of GPU rendering, which causes lighting inconsistencies according to this issue. You could try changing your instance.