Creo to URDF for Gazebo


While I’m using Creo 2.0 to design my robot, is there any way to transfer my model to URDF for Gazebo so that it would be possible for me to simulate.

though, I found 2 ways on the Internet :

Creo > matlab(sim link plug-in) > urdf
Creo > solidwork(urdf plug-in) > urdf

is there any chance I can do it without both matlab & SolidWork ?

Looks like Creo supports exporting STL [1]. STL can be used directly in a URDF/SDF to load in Gazebo - this tutorial shows a detailed process to prepare a model [2]. If you already have an STL file, a quicker tutorial is this one [3].

Optimally, COLLADA is recommended. Blender shown in [2] will let you import STL and export COLLADA.

[1] Performance Advisor Help Center
[2] Gazebo : Tutorial : Intermediate: Model Appearance
[3] Gazebo : Tutorial : Import Meshes

@TPEmist getting a URDF directly from Creo will take a lot of time setting it up properly, I believe there are paid plugins available but, depending on how you’ve modelled the robot, you might have to spend a lot of time refactoring it to get a URDF directly.

The easiest way I’ve seen is creating an xacro file manually and then just getting the necessary DAEs like this:

Creo → STEP → CAD Exchanger → DAE → Blender → Optimised DAE