Arm64 support for Ignition?

I see ignition Dome is available on arm64 Ubuntu 18.04 from OSRF repo. However, the provided binaries are way outdated, e.g. libignition-gazebo4/unknown,now 4.0.0-1~bionic arm64 [installed,automatic].

What is the intended arm64 support by Ignition libraries?

Glad you asked. We’re currently working on better defining our target platforms and the level of support for each.

Although we release arm64 binaries, we do that at best-effort, so it lags behind from time to time. I see that we’ve disabled Gazebo 4 releases on ARM pending on DART. Here’s the issue tracking various releases for Dome.

Thanks for the info. DART from ignition-forks built fine for me on the Jetson…

I was actually able to run everything but Gazebo GUI - that one cannot find a suitable renderer.