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Am trying to answer this question:

My answer is the following:
A couple suggestions:

 1. This problem may be caused by the `PositionJointInterface` ([See this Gazebo Answer](  
What happens if you use an `EffortJointInterface` for the grippers?
 2. Try giving your gripper contact links a small `<minDepth>` value of say 0.002-0.003 and a `<maxVel>` value of 0. This main provide more consistent contact between the gripper links and the object being grasped.


    <gazebo refrence="GRIPPER_LINK_NAME">  

However when I click Post Your Answer, I get the following message:

Hi @josephcoombe, thanks for bringing this up.

It’s interesting that both Gazebo Answers and Gazebo Community flagged your post as spam, I wonder what could be in it that’s triggering the automated spam detectors.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good suggestion for you at the moment; I checked your Gazebo Answers account and everything seems to be in place. Maybe you can try posting part of your answer and then editing to add the rest to see how far it goes through? I’d be curious to know what part of the message is triggering spam.

Hmm, I tried changing my answer to that question entirely but it still was flagged as spam.

I then tried answering a different question but that answer attempt was also flagged as spam.


As far as I can tell, my account is currently blocked from answering questions or commenting on posts.

This is strange, I created a brand new account and was able to post, so it seems to be a problem specific to your account.

I’ve switched your status a bit, let me know if it goes through now.

Tried answering and commenting again. Still blocked.

It seems like you can contact them directly in the case of false positives:

Your link actually just reminded me that we have seen this issue before. On December 14th 2018, at around 10 am PST we noticed that all comments from a few of us, including me, were always being detected as spam. I ticketed an issue with Akismet, and before they could reply it looked like the issue solved itself, at around 2pm of the same day.

I’ll follow up with Akismet. Sorry it took me all this back-and-forth to remember that.

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Thanks for your time @josephcoombe !

I am the one who posted that issue in gazebo answers, Ill try your suggestions during the following days. Ill continue the issue in Gazebo Answers, hopefully you don’t get more issues with the site.


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Contacting Akismet directly resolved the problem after a few iterations. Service Request 1928574.

Thank you.

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