Simulating multi wheel robot in Ignition gazebo

Hi there,

I am trying to use ignition gazebo simulate mobile robot, which has more than 4 wheels in a 3D environment. I have a few questions about the following

In cases that you can all axles point to one center of rotation you can apply Ackermann. I found the Ackermann plugin on the website, however this plugin is only limited to one steering axle. With this plugin you could simulate the path but than you have at least one steering axle that is not moving.
My first question is how can move all steering axles visually when Ackermann holds.

If I want to simulate something like a truck which only has 1 steering axle the Ackermann steering does not hold anymore.
How could I simulate this? My idea would be exploiting the physics engine, because it is able to simulate friction.
To set steering angle I think I could use the Ackermann plugin for. For diving axle I want apply a torque, but I cannot really find how this is done in ignition gazebo. Does this work? Do you have any other ideas how I would simulate this.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: