Ros_gz_bridge does not publish on ros2 topic

I am running ros_gz_bridge to read some data from Gazebo, in particular I have run:

ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge /model/x500_vision_0/odometry@nav_msgs/msg/Odometry[gz.msgs.Odometry

[INFO] [1706113773.667589591] [ros_gz_bridge]: Creating GZ->ROS Bridge: [/model/x500_vision_0/odometry (gz.msgs.Odometry) -> /model/x500_vision_0/odometry (nav_msgs/msg/Odometry)] (Lazy 0)

The problem is that when I run

ros2 topic echo /model/x500_vision_0/odometry

I do not see any message published on the topic.

I have already checked that the name of the topic is correct, and when I run

gz topic -et /model/x500_vision_0/odometry

I can see the messages exchanged within Gazebo.

So why is the bridge not publishing the messages on the ROS2 network?

I solved the issue.
I was working with Gazebo Garden and ROS2 Humble, but I had installed the Gazebo Fortress version of the bridge.