Installing Ignition Fortress on Noble Numbat (Ubuntu 24.04)

Hello Good People,

I need your help with getting Ignition Fortress (LTS) up and running. I have Noble Numbat (Ubuntu 24.04) and ROS2 (Rolling Ridley) running. However, attempting the binary installation of Ignition Fortress (LTS) on Ubuntu returns an error message: “Unable to locate package ignition-fortress.”

My Ubuntu is installed on Windows 11 using WSL. I am new to the world of Robotics and simulations.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Thank you for this information. I worked on this by installing the Jammy-Rolling-Fortress combo. Initially, I encountered the message “QStandardPaths: wrong permissions on runtime directory /run/user/1000/, 0755 instead of 0700” on running the “ign gazebo” command. Gazebo came up with an empty dark screen. I was able to resolve the QStandardPaths message with “chmod 0700 /run/user/1000/”, but the empty black gazebo screen issue remains. Once again, thank you for you help.

isnt 24.04 using the command called gz instead of ignition? try harmonic since fortress is for 20.04

fortress uses ign command

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I resolved the issue of empty dark screen by running export LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1. I understand that this forces software rendering. This line has to be run every time Gazebo starts in a new terminal. To make this change permanent, ensuring that the environment variable is set automatically for every terminal session, I added this line to the end of the ~/.bashrc file. Thank you @kakcalu13 and @peci1 for your helpful contributions.