Inconsistency in height of terrain generated by DEM heightmap

Run Environment

  • WSL + Docker (WSLg D3D12 Acceleration Enabled)
    • Container: Based on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish
  • Gazebo Garden, Binary Install
  • OGRE 1

Run code

gz sim --render-engine ogre
# Then, selected dem worlds from the GUI


Hello, I am currenty trying to implement a world with elevations based on heightmap.

However, I soon found out that even DEM support is added in Gazebo Garden ported from the Gazebo Classic, there is still an issue about drastic ‘shifting’ in elevation when using DEM on Gazebo world.

Example images are as following:

LEFT: dem_monterey_bay / MIDDLE: dem_volcano / RIGHT: dem_moon

The only case that does not have this issue is a moon dem world

Meanwhile, when loading dem, following error keep occurs:

[Err] [] The geometry element of collision [collision] couldn't be created

I tried to find references or solutions for this issue on github and many places but still could not find a way how to approach this issue. If anyony experienced this issue, may I ask the cause of this issue and the approach that I can make to resolve these issue?

Thank you in advance.

Added 1:

  • I also checked tiff heightmap and it seems that the result of dem_volcano is normal.
  • However, I still do not know why problem happened on monterey_bay.
  • Is it because DEM XY space is not an exact square? If so, how can I manipulate to avoid this issue?
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