IMPORTANT: Final ROS & Gazebo Answers Migration Schedule

As previously discussed we will be migrating ROS Answers and Gazebo Answers to Robotics Stack Exchange. We are happy to announce the final migration timeline. It is planned as follows.

Please take a moment to do the following.

  • Before August the 10th, please create a Robotics.SE account, Make sure that you’ve submitted your usernames for association between the sites. You will not receive reputation for past votes, but questions and answers will be associated with your Robotics Stack Exchange account as well as future votes on the migrated questions.
  • Before August the 11th, please review any questions that you have asked to see if there’s an answer to accept. This will be your last chance to make any changes.

From today onwards please use the Robotics Stack Exchange as your primary ROS and Gazebo Q&A forum.

We will be updating the documentation across all the sites to point people to Robotics Stack Exchange. If you see a trailing reference after the migration please let us know or take a moment to fix it yourself.