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Humanoid robot not steading on Gazebo

When I spawn into Gazebo my humanoid robot, it falls down. No matter if I give a value of 0 to all the joints. I have tried fixing the body to the world, but it only helps it to stay “on feet”.

I want all my motors (joints) on 0 when I spawn it, so I wrote a node to make it go to a “home position”, and when I see the messages, the node is working correctly but on Gazebo I still seeing my robot falling down.

Hi, @ricardo-bm.

Thank you for your question, but Gazebo Answers is a better place for this kind of technical questions.This forum is meant for general discussions, community organization, news, etc.

Please ask your question there, and try to provide more information, such as a video of the robot falling and code snippets so that others can reproduce the issue.

See you there! :raising_hand_woman: