Help us name the next Ignition collection!

Help us name the next Ignition collection!

Hi, community! :fire:

We’re 20 days away from Ignition Edifice’s release! This means it’s time to choose a name for the next collection!

Ignition’s naming scheme increases alphabetically and follows the “architecture” theme. These are the existing names:

  • Acropolis
  • Blueprint
  • Citadel
  • Dome
  • Edifice

The next release will start with F and will be Ignition’s 2nd 5-year LTS!

Before every Ignition release, the team at Open Robotics brainstorms name ideas and votes on the final name. This time, we’re opening the vote to the community for the first time! We invite everyone to vote on the link below! :point_down:

The poll will be open until 2021-03-18T06:59:00Z, which is also :snowflake: Edifice’s feature freeze :snowflake: date.

Happy voting! :ballot_box:

:fire: The Ignition Dev Team :fire:


Nice names, I’ve already vote for my favorites :fire:

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Thank you to everyone who voted! :smiley: :ballot_box:

The name was announced during today’s community meeting :point_down: