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Get Started page is lacking information about actually getting started

So I am literally getting started with Gazebo, and of course ended up on page Now technically it does help me technically start gazebo, but it would be better if it gave a little more information about what that first world does, and how to get something to actually happen.

Hi @ForceConstant, thanks for getting started with Gazebo and for the feedback.

Note that the tutorial you’re referring to is called “Quick Start,” so I believe the intention was to be as brief as possible.

But I agree that some text after the gazebo worlds/ line could be helpful to explain a bit to the user what they’re looking at and a couple of things that they could try out. A screenshot could be nice too.

All our tutorials are hosted on public repositories and we encourage the community to contribute. You can see there’s an Edit button on the tutorial’s top-right, and here’s a tutorial on how to change tutorials :smile: I’d encourage you to click it and open a pull request making the changes you see fit. We’ll review it shortly and possibly iterate with you to make sure it fits well with the rest of documentation.

Thanks! :v: