Gazebo or Gazebo + ros?


I am new with Gazebo and I want to know what is the most usually way of work with gazebo, Using gazebo + ros or working only with gazebo?

Hello Antonio:

That is a good question that depends on a good number of factors. From my point of view, some hints:

  • Do you need to work in simulation and real robots? ROS + Gazebo seems like a good idea to me to be able to change between one and the other easily.
  • You just need a simulation work: you can probably work only with Gazebo and save some layers of software on top.
  • You need to reuse or interact with other people’s software: in this case, check if the software is present on Gazebo and/or ROS. ROS has a larger user base, specially powerful in implemented algorithms.
  • You are specially looking for high performance simulations: here I would say, the lower number of layers of software and communications, the better. Program with just Gazebo.

There are probably many more reasons, I hope that these ones can help you.

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