Camera shake When following aircraft

Hello everyone

I use Gazebo Ardupilot SITL to simulate ship takeoff and landing, use
asv_wave_sim simulates the movement of the ship on the sea, and the aircraft used is alti_transition_quad.

When the camera is following the aircraft during flight, the camera will shake when the plane moves, including rising, falling, and moving forward. As shown in the video below(fly forward).

Here are some results tested so far:

  1. If the wave update rate is increased, the frequency and intensity of shake will be greatly increased.
  2. The higher the Horizontal FOV, the smaller the shaking, but the aircraft will also become smaller.
  3. If I don’t follow, the plane screen will not shake.
  4. If I do not follow but observe from other positions, I find that the position of the aircraft will shake

From the test results, I think it should be the problem of the aircraft, but I can’t find a solution to completely eliminate the shaking. Does anyone know how to improve the screen shaking problem when following the aircraft?