What is the expected behavior of the reset button?

When I hit the reset button, I currently see my simulation pause and then reset to the “initial” state of the world. This is what I expected.

But, there doesn’t seem to be a way to “unpause” the simulation. Its forever stuck without gravity or time advancing, is this the expected behavior?

I do see some “Unable to serialize model” messages in the terminal so maybe that is relevant? But I sometimes also see those on startup. Anyway to debug whether my world SDF might have some bad elements in it?

I have following buttons:


Play becomes pause when the simulation is started:

After pressing the reset button, I can press play and it starts again.

If it doesn’t show the play/pause button, try pressing the three dots at the top right and adding another ‘world control’ plugin. You might have to resize the window for it to show up below the entity tree.
And/or try to run one of the demo worlds and see if that works.


The ‘world control’ plugin settings are in the gui.config file in the ~/.gz/sim/ folder.