Gazebo resources: Tutorials | Q&A | Documentation | Blog is DOWN


The address for the installation script ( is not available as of now. This script is referred from the Ubuntu installation as well as Mac installation page.

IMO, this link is very important because it allows ppl to easily automate their system setups. Hopefully, it comes back online soon


Sorry about that, it should be back up now.


Thanks, the address is functioning in the web browser, but curl -ssl gives:

<html><body>You are being <a href="actual address">redirected</a>.</body></html>

Perhaps, updating the tutorials to use the following script would help:

curl -sSL

I’m assuming -ssl is an error since --ssl is the other alternative option, but it’s not strictly required. OTOH, -sSL make more sense. (silent, Show errors, Location redirects allowed)


The tutorial you linked to uses ssL, which works for me. Is there another tutorial using ssl?


One of the two s should be in caps. The tutorial uses -ssL. Correct usage would be -SsL or -sSL

This might have caused confusion (I caught this error while debugging our code-base) and the person used --ssl instead of -sSL. Sorry for my own error with the L up there


Your argument for sSL makes sense to me, here’s a PR updating the tutorials.