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GSoD 2020-Ignition robotics on-boarding guide

Dear Gazebo Community

Greetings of the day

I am Jiban Jyoti Panda, from India, currently pursuing my bachelors degree in computer science. I am really interested to contribute towards on-boarding guide for ignition robotics. Little about my background, I am a robotics and open source enthusiast. I was also selected as a ROSCon 2019 diversity Scholar. I checked the contributing guide for ROS2 as well as of ignition. I have attached a semi-detailed plan below. Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.


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Howdy Jiban! Thank you for posting about this!

My main suggestion for improving the on-boarding process and documentation is to possible improve traceability / discoverability of related Ignition (and possibly ROS1/2) packages, mainly through some sort of categorized index of packages.

FTR, the Ignition > Libraries page has a start, but the “Details” section is a bit sparse in some of the packages, and some packages (e.g. SDFormat :wink: ) may be missing.

The most relevant (but a bit narrowly scoped) issue is - having specific links from each repository’s README, saying what its scope is, etc.
I’ve posted some relevant ROS issues as well there.

Meta Question:
Might I ask if you’d like me to put these suggestions anywhere else? Is here on Gazebo Community good, or would you like it as a comment on your Google Doc?

For my background:

I am part of Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and am working with @scpeters and @azeey on some aspects of SDFormat Development, currently working towards this “epic”:

Our overarching goal is catered towards (a) refining the SDFormat documentation (such that the spec is standalone, rather than implicit in libsdformat code / Gazebo tutorials / Gazebo code) and (b) leveraging the documentation of existing behavior to then propose new functionality for SDFormat.
(I would post a link, but I’m limited to 2 :frowning: )

Looks like this is a (slightly more?) comprehensive repo list:

Hi @Jiban_Panda, plz refer to @marya’s and my email replies for your plan feedback.

Hi @EricCousineau-TRI, thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming!

For specific punctual suggestions, I suggest ticketing issues on the relevant websites. The you linked to is a good place, as well as this one for generic Ignition documentation:

If you’d like to start a high-level discussion about the direction of the documentation in general, you’re also welcome to start a new topic here on Gazebo Community. Note that this specific topic, as well as some other topics, have been initiated by applicants to the Google Season of Docs (GSoD) program.

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Thank you, and shall do!