Gazebo Documentation Index - Alpha release

Hello all,

I am happy to announce that the Gazebo Documentation Index alpha version is released and publicly available at

The aim of the Gazebo Documentation Index is to provide an open-source platform that brings together links to all of Gazebo’s learning resources in one place in an organised fashion, helping beginners and professionals to find the right help in terms of documentation content and resources quickly.

The documented resources have been divided into categories and subcategories in the documentation index. This allows for easier navigation to the required resource, also helping in finding similar relevant items in one place. An ‘All links’ page has also been added that can be used to just browser quick-search (Ctrl + F) your way to the right content.

The documentation index presently covers some basic important Gazebo resources and can grow with the help of the community. Developers and community members who wish to contribute to the growth of the doc index by adding and updating the resources and their links should refer to the contribution guidelines in the repository for more information.

Special thanks to the Google Summer of Code program for their support in this project.