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[Cross-post] Why are ROS and Ignition/Gazebo diverging (or not converging)?

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I’m preparing a presentation for novel ROS programmers, and during preparation of the presentation, I just started asking myself why doesn’t ROS integrate with Ignition at all?

If I get it right, both ROS and Ignition are developed by Open Robotics (and community!), and Ignition is a set of tools for roboticists. So why is it completely omitted in ROS?

I can see a lot of parallel implementations of basically the same stuff (Transport, Math, CMake, Rendering, Plugin, Msgs, Gui). Because the developers of both are more or less “under one roof”, I just don’t get it…

It would be super-nice to have e.f. ign-math used by basic ROS tools and readily available for anyone working in ROS. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people converting quaternions to RPY angles by snippets of math they don’t understand… With Ignition, it’d be so much simpler…