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Changing link and joint names

Hi there,
I’ve been using Gazebo for a couple of months. I like it in general, but there are some user-unfriendly things. For example, link_0_0_JOINT_4 is definitely not a good descriptive id for a joint and what is worse it cannot be modified directly. To change the name, I have to manually edit the model sdf file. So, could you please make it possible to edit the joint/link names right in Gazebo in one of the future releases?
Thank you.

Hi @jugu, thank you for using Gazebo.

No names are currently editable during simulation, but some of them can be edited in the model editor. I suspect you may be talking about models created with the Model Editor because they’re given names similar to the one you mentioned.

Those joint names are created by default, but you can always change them in the joint inspector:

Link names, on the other hand, can’t be edited yet. There’s a ticket currently tracking that feature request. You can vote for that ticket, or even better, submit a pull request implementing the feature. The core team isn’t currently working on new features for the model editor, so the improvement would have to come from the community.

For future reference, I recommend you check the issue tracker to see if someone has already requested a certain feature.

Happy simulating :v: