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Bit bucket removing mercurial - will gazebo switch?

Gazebo has long used mercurial, but now that bitbucket has announced it will be removing it i’m wondering if gazebo will switch? I think using mercurial makes external contributions harder since git is so much more popular. Personally i’m in favor of a switch to git.

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Thanks for asking. We are currently evaluating our options, which includes switching to git, but we haven’t decided yet. We will keep the community updated on our plan and discuss how to migrate when the time comes.

:+1: for git, given better outreach. Although it would be nice to get an update on what options are being evaluated. Will there be a time/place for the community to comment on potential migration strategies?

We did an internal evaluation of options, where the options included staying at bitbucket (but switching to git), moving to github, or moving to gitlab. Our internal discussions concluded that github would be a good place to move our repositories.

I’ll withhold our github rationale for now in order to elicit unbiased comments. I’d be interested to know what preferences and opinions you and others have on this subject.

+1 for git. mercurial has brought me many headaches with branch tips and other weird stuff. Github would of course make it the easiest to collaborate with ROS community.

I think this change will be welcome by almost anyone interested in contributing! My fun fact about version control systems has always been “did you know Gazebo uses mercurial on bitbucket?” and never has anyone responded with “oh I prefer that to git, and I prefer bitbucket”.

One logistical question – will you be able to transfer issues?

There are some tools for transferring issues, and we aim to do so.

I think GitHub is better considering Microsoft has been bringing a lot of improvements to GitHub recently. Microsoft recently announced the it will be preserving all GitHub code bases in a code vault. See this:

Considering that we should migrate to GitHub asap.